The Bell Tower in the Canal,

Born from a dream of Pomo (Andrea), this work is dedicated to him because in the darkest dark you are the light, even if there is not so much black even if perhaps it had to be darker, that everyone's path is always of light.

Materic acrylic painting on canvas, 100 x 120 cm.


Incredible effect on matter and brings light into the shadows as if it were water,

an image that expresses the concept of David Ariel's works, a lot of color, a lot of light and a lot of matter that gives the idea of being inside that canal, inside Venice, on a beautiful journey.


These innovative works having an intense and delicate, opaque, bright color, in which color is life and light in the same way that each of us is, allows us to understand it and identify with it.
Light is spirituality, we cannot live only from it, that's why these works are very material, we can appreciate them not only by touching them but also just looking at them and this is the completion of the work we do on ourselves, interpreting small and large fields of color in known forms, which live by creating cracks and small and large bubbles.
Like people, if seen from close you see every defect, abstract and without any apparent sense, while if seen from a distance, from a different perspective, with a strong empathy you can see them in their magnificent whole.
Every detail is different because with each draft on the frame we will have a small or large transformation, and it is exciting to be able to see that each work has a life of its own, and it is precisely this dynamism that makes them unique and unrepeatable.

Il Campanile nel Canale

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