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David Ariel

David Ariel, born in 1964 in Italy, after several studies and works around the world, moved to Venice in 2011, seeking inspiration among the lights and reflections of this beautiful city.

In 2019 with his study and research work, David created his innovative technique, called Action Impressionist.

"A union between spirituality and materiality, we cannot live without one another, this is the philosophy of the Action Impressionist"

                                                                                                                    -David Ariel


The materiality is given by the color, as well as its three-dimensionality and its thickness;

Spirituality is given by his subjects, recognizable only with a connection between the viewer and the artist.

The subjects of the paintings are always figurative and realistic, which can be landscapes or animals, recognizable and familiar elements, allowing the search for positive feelings in them, and consequently in everyday life,

never ending in trash, but always touching on current or discussion topics.

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“Color is joy, color is life!
And never so much as in this period, where you need to have positive energy for the future, this is what I try to convey with my works "
                                                                                                      -David Ariel

They wrote about us:

The Levantine Gallery by David Ariel
it is definitely not a place that goes unnoticed, rather it is a place that promises to convey emotions.
Even lovers of pastel shades cannot fail to appreciate the chromatic impact that David uses to talk about Venice in his canvases. Because it is an unexpected and new Venice that presents itself to the eyes of those who, even by chance, enter the world of this artist of color.

Even in the contrast of shades, balance is an essential pillar in David Ariel's paintings: the materiality of color and the spirituality of the emotions that flow from it make up the image, while the eye that observes it is never disturbed by the explosion. of colors, but on the contrary it follows their features, distinguishes their boundaries and meanwhile, on an emotional level, deeply absorbs their narrative impetuosity.

An added value in this discovery is the personality of David himself, who welcomes the guest and makes him enter his world with the typical spontaneity of someone used to sharing travels and tells the stages with enthusiasm and passion.
A decidedly "counter-current" man where the current is that of the national gallery system, David Ariel is not Venetian even if he feels "a lucky being from the lagoon", in spirit, after these years in the Lagoon. Years ago, on his way to return to work in Amsterdam, opening his studio and gallery there, he instead stopped in Venice, working without schemes and above all dealing directly with people.

«As long as I have remained and I am literally shocked in this city, how much I like to shock people, my visitors, especially when I make a glimpse through my works of what I have inside and what those who are in front of me have inside! I do a little piece of work, people finish it with the ability to understand what's inside the works and what's inside themselves! If you give love, the response you receive is exceptional, this is what upsets people. "
Expressions of interest and requests to participate in exhibitions are beginning to not fail, indeed to multiply. From the United States, Europe and recently from Japan. «I don't use trash images, and that's why I use Venice as my pedestal, as a starting point» says the artist with pride «in fact no one is prejudiced in front of Venice. It is so beautiful that it upsets, the head is full of new flavors and contrasting sensations, where you see and taste the taste and love of a place, beautiful and different from anywhere else ».

“I came to Venice without a studio, no home or anything and was welcomed by fantastic people, from a dream city. This is a dream that I live and I like to remind people who come here and are amazed by this living museum, which is not a museum, it is a living being that gives so much love. And he receives so much ».
And so it turns out that his is not "only" art, but also a commitment to the environment, which translates into the use - pioneering in Italy - of canvases made of cotton and recycled plastic, recovered from our sea that takes nothing away the high quality of the material used.
There are two points in Venice in which to experience a colorful and exquisitely handcrafted Venetianness: the Levantina Gallery is both a few steps from the Venice train station and in Calle dei Botteri in Rialto.

                                                                     Live Venice Magazine


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